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For the past ten years, we specialize in the field of general and special physical preparation of athletes. Our vast experience, unique training methods and research allow our students to achieve high performance sport.

Physical training is the foundation for achieving high levels of excellence in any section of figure skating. General and special physical training allows an athlete to cope with the high volume of training work and provide the length of the high sportvnoy form.

The modern technique of the elements of figure skating makes demands for power, speed, flexibility, dexterity athlete. Complication executable elements, increasing the speed jumps up to 3.5 and 4 speed, increasing the speed of rotation required to continuously improve the physical qualities.

For our athletes, we offer customized training process of planning on the basis of their physical condition and capabilities of the organism. Training is training as a specialist fees and neposredstvanenno throughout the sports season.

Most of our sporstmenov trains under the direction of Alexei Nikolaevich Mishina and his wife Tatiana Mishina. During the training process of continuously monitoring the physical sosstoyaniya athletes and established contact with the head coach, which allows for a short time to stimulate and maintain a high fitness.

We have developed training programs for the development and pryguchesti pryzhkovoy endurance, special programs for the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries - motor vehicle.

In time, the multi-year training of young figure skaters, coaches are faced with the problem of the sharp reduction of the physical qualities that arise in consequence of growth of the organism. The problem of growth leads to изминению level of technical skill and a decline in sport performance. Against a backdrop of declining growth of the physical qualities and technical skills of the implementation of the elements of figure skating. We have developed an integrated approach of individual planning exercise kept the level of physical qualities, and raise it during their critical periods of development of the body figure skaters.

One of the sostavlyuyaschih talent of figure skating is the development of modern psychiatric training in this area, we have successfully worked with Tatiana Svidlovoy.

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